Our Projects

Here are some of the projects that our team members have been working on!

Super Mario Q

Created by: Mel

Mario gets invited to go on vacation with the princess, but finds out it was all a ruse orchestrated by Bowser. Before he could do anything, Mario is captured and blasted towards an island far far away from the Mushroom Kingdom; An island which met its own unfortunate fate itself recently...


Created by: MrPr1993

A hack featuring original stuff! No Mario, no stars, no Wiggler... everything will be changed with non-Mario stuff! Instead of Stars, there will be gems! Instead of Goombas, there'll be lil' round things called Goons, and instead of a portly short plumber, it's a short little lady!

Coming Soon!

Evo Q

Created by: Mel, PablosCorner & Cheezepin

This hack was made for the Mario Jam 2 competition! Explore a world between different states and collect all the stars to collect a cool prize at the end! This was made in a week. Special thanks to Reonu and Wiseguy for helping make the hack slightly more console compatible.

Music Dream Nightmare

Created by: Mel, PablosCorner, MrPr1993 & Crissley10

Mario must save the musicians from a nightmare that prevents them from being at their best! This mod was made for Simpleflips' Music-themed competition.

Super Mario 64: Partners in Time

Created by: Quasmok

This mod is a recreation of the popular RPG game, "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time", adapted to be played as a platformer!

Super Mario 64: Superstar Saga

Created by: PablosCorner

This mod is a recreation of the popular RPG game, "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga", adapted to be played as a platformer!

Luigi Is Lost

Created by: Quasmok

Luigi is Lost is a Super Mario World mod where Mario and Luigi are in a ship, but it sinks, and Luigi ends up being lost. It's up to Mario to find him!

Coming Soon!